Freedom express.

As Long as Tv networks have been watching, and recording us, even making music based on the life’s of those they spy on, in Violation of 4Th Amindmant, they are geting Bold, cocky at this point. NfL Player, and NFL, Suing Amizon for sailling clothing with his name, and likeness, without his permission. There have been Singers Make Songs having nothing to do with there Life, but others.

In even More shocking Cases, there are a few radio hosts whose whole programs, henge on other people, and when confronted, refuse to pay for there time on Air. Even claim actors are on there that are knock offs of real actors. Othertimes ifthey can’t pervoke in willing perticipant, into reaction, they mess up there social Media Feeds, because there whole Show centers on angering that 1 person. Admire of these law suites start up, the feds need to revoke the regulation, allowing these video chips, and constant invassion of privacy. As more become aware, more law suites wi take place.

freedom express.

Who feels like they could get Drunk watching congress flip flop, It’s time for recess, it’s not time.

Ashame when they come back there First order of business will be puting Money back in the pockets of big Pharma.

Minimum wage 15.00 an Hour should’ve Do irst thing on congress Table.

Gov coumo says ordering everyone to Stay Home was bad Idea. As they begin to see how bad this is for families, will Not gov stop shutting down our country? Or Wi More States keep over sailing the the dangers of this virus, and big pharma celebrate all the way to the bank?

The people report the people Decide. gOD Bless the USA.

freedom express.

As the Stock Market rallied again today, it will liklly Stabalize Job loses. The stock Market is Always a Roller coaster.

While we are dealing with this mild health issue have children Fighting over who gets what, some being thrown off the see saw, the more Staball our economy, the better we Will be After words.

Knock knock, whose there? Dad, Dad Who, Dad why are we in the dark. Sorry the adults have been Fighting, and forgot we needed Jobs to keep the Power own.

patriot Nation.

Well Interest news article, CNN, and MSNBC, refer to Trump, ad open Mic night, while the same media protects the lefts resistance against aid directly to the People.

While other parts of the Media Keep trying to Make fulls of Honest citizens.

Often say go away, then as there wallet is draining, beg them to come back.

Could it be open Mike Night is leaving the left in the Dust.

Trump, U liked him u loved him, u wanted More of him until he became president.

Others on the left compare trump to an out side savior, cause there cleaning there clocks in court, and else where.

Yet they beg supporters to come back, because that’s where the ratings are, yet they want pay the contractors fee. Minimum 200.00 a airing.

When u look at it, The left can’t Do without open Mic night.

The left Got drunk on there GOD like powers . They are even Beging some supporters to set Scheduals so they can use there raiding God powers to track there Evry Move. One has to ask, what would the left do if Ivanka Trump, dose not Become president. What would they do for open Mic night. Could a prayer be in order.

The people report the people Decide. C

Asheville Grape Vine.

breaking News.

Rep Mark Medows, is now self coranterning, after testing negative for the sprinting Virus, Virus 19. Noword on whether he came in contact with someone who had it, or Just being cautious.

This want help those with the recent fear of silence. Plus u have some people not meeting there contracts so celebs are canceling events. Ad vovin 19 over reactions. Thisfear of silence May get pretty bad For Some.

Asheville Grape Vine

National socialite Katy Griffen was Rushed to the Hospital with heart Attack Symptoms, we are yet to get any confirmation on How bad it is. That’s 1 of Many Isues were getting about.

More Isues. For Some reason in parts of the Carolinas people are developing, a fear, a Phobia, if Silence. Some reports say this condition realy effects bullies. People who Like to be good triger a panick causing health problems, then they get a good laugh out of it. No Word on why they seem to be developing this Phobia of Silence. Hopefully they do Something before they End up in Broughton Hospital.

Some cope with this Phobia, by Making ok bird Whistel sounds. Another Group of people developing a Phobia of Silence, are people who use to deny people Jobs, then go Make money off there troubles. Some have therized if they pay what they ow it will ease there Stress, help there phobia of Silence

Anyone With first hand Knowledge of this is Advised to post about it on Twitter.

freedom express.

President trump said it like it is. Some in the media, and Some in politics want this to go on, and on, to hurt the president.

As we near election, watch what govoners, and mayor’s are puting these stay at home orders in place.

You will find most are socialist,and Anti trump.

The left Will gladly hurt the people to hurt President trump.